Vs. Dave and Bambi Golden Apple Edition

Vs. Dave and Bambi Golden Apple Edition

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With. Dave and Bambi Golden Apple Edition is a competitive sequel to the fun-filled friday night funkin game system. Familiar characters will join together in the musical game to create dramatic and engaging matches.
The character the boyfriend has to fight this week is Dave and Bambi, a completely unique mission with familiar characters.
Up to 15 songs are selected in this challenge. Accurately and fully catch the tunes to win the maximum score in this contest!


  • There are several melodies to choose from and enjoy in the game.
  • Easy, medium, and hard are the three-game levels.
  • The game's content and objectives make it plain that you must compete for high scores.
  • When there are broken notes that will considerably interfere with your track, the game becomes more difficult.

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How to play

Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys corresponding to the melody arrow on the screen.

Click the appropriate buttons at the right time.