Vs. Accelerant Hank

Vs. Accelerant Hank

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With. Accelerant Hank is your next opponent in an epic musical battle. Pay close attention, listen and perform the most complete and powerful tunes to win.

Hank J. Wimbleton is the agent of the series Madness Accelerant. This is definitely the strongest opponent a boyfriend has to fight with. His melodies and notes will move as rapidly as the blade movements of ninjas. This is a big challenge for boyfriends. Wanting to protect a girlfriend is not easy at all.

In the middle of the song, the most powerful protagonist will appear. He tries to steal the program from Hank, but that's not Tricky's mode. At this stage, the game will become much more difficult.


  • In the game, there are numerous songs to select from and enjoy.
  • The three-game levels are easy, medium, and hard.
  • The content and goals of the game make it clear that you must compete for high scores.
  • The game gets more challenging when there are broken notes that will significantly interfere with your track.

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How to play

Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys corresponding to the melody arrow on the screen.

Click the appropriate buttons at the right time.