Super Friday Night Squid Challenge

Super Friday Night Squid Challenge

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SUPER FRIDAY NIGHT SQUID CHALLENGE is a fun-filled musical competition. Make complete tracks to get the highest amount of bonuses. For anyone looking for a good time, this is your game! This is a game, action, kiz10, music, casual, arcade game that is great for those who like to test their skills in action or arcade games. The game has an easy-to-use interface with simple controls. You can also import your own soundtrack and upgrade the player's talents.

The attractive plot in the game: a group of people has lost all their gambling money and now they have to join the game Squid. Help them complete all the songs in different weeks to win the high prize and recover the money they lost. However, collecting these coins is not an easy thing to do, because there are many obstacles and enemies that always stalk the player at every turn.

How to make money in this melody game: You have to make the most complete music without missing any notes. The musical notes will show up as arrows with 4 different colors: blue, green, red, and purple. Your task is to click the right button at the top of the screen according to the right note symbol at the most appropriate time. Many people will die here but don't be contemplative, keep dancing and don't miss any arrows. Ready to take on the challenge? Start your journey now!

How to play

Use mouse and keyboard arrows to play on the computer.

Tap the screen on the mobile device.