Stack Master!

Stack Master!

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Stack Master! is an exciting colorful endless slide competition. Control your character to move forward, avoid all obstacles and get the highest score.
In this game, you will run on the bridge with many dangers. The hedges of thorns, the separating wall, or the water holes are the challenges that you must overcome if you do not want to die. You have to build bridges to cross these obstacles. Collect puzzle pieces along the way to create the highest bridge.


  • The game with smooth motion and funny sounds will keep you entertained.
  • The game has dozens of different levels to challenge you to explore.
  • Pieces appear along your way, collect them all.
  • Use the puzzle pieces sensibly to avoid waste. Because the number of pieces left when you reach the finish line will determine your position and the amount of your prize.

How to play

Click or tap the screen to build a bridge over the obstacle in Stack Master! game.