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The official game was released in 2016 by Steve Howse. Right from its release, this game has received love as well as high prices from players. The player's task is to raise snakes to compete with many other opponents. Eat lots of glowing orbs and become the longest and strongest snake in this game! Control your snake to roam around the map, find and eat as many glowing orbs as you can, they will help your snake grow.

Tip to grow fastest: walk next to many other snakes, because every time a snake dies, it will turn into a string of glowing balls in large numbers. Quickly collecting them all is the way for your snake to grow up fast.

However, be careful when going near other snakes. Because if you crash into it, you will die and become food for many other opponents.
By pressing and holding the spacebar or the left/right mouse button, the player can use the snake's acceleration feature to go faster. Release the hand to return to the original speed.


  • The game has up to 12 different skins to make the game more attractive.
  • Beautiful graphics combined with great live sound.
  • Encountering many powerful online opponents makes you raise the bar to challenge yourself in dexterity.

How to play

Use Arrow keys or move your cursor to move.

Left-click to speed up.