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Punk-o-matic is the venue where the most energetic electronic music performances take place. In this game, you may compose your own original music! Create original songs to showcase your secret musical skill and get notoriety in the process. You may also use the save and load option to produce fantastic tunes that you can then share with everyone if you so choose!

Features of Punk-o-Matic game:

  • There are three members in your band. Working together to create the most complete music. Earn money from that music.
  • Music notes are encoded as symbols. This is easier for you in the game.
  • Save the music you love and share it with your friends.

How to play

Left mouse button = Cycle through beats
(Hold) CTRL / Z = Cycle backward
(Hold) Shift / X = Delete beat
(Hold) Caps Lock / C = Listen to beat
(Hold) Space = Play music from that point