piano tiles

piano tiles

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Piano Tiles is an amazing music game. With vivid visuals, smooth movements, and fast-paced, this game is the perfect place to test your reflexes.
Your mission: Similar to other piano games, just tap the black tile and avoid the white tile. However, it's not easy to do, you can't miss any beat even if the melody becomes more rapid and fast.
this game has many genres of music: POP, EDM, classical, country, Latin,...

Featured in piano tiles game.

  • A fast-paced reflex game that flawlessly mixes light, speed and entertaining music is presented in this title.
  • Choose music that you like listening to; each song will have a distinct kind of dance to accompany it.
  • The pace at which the ball jumps will steadily grow over time, in direct proportion to how challenging your movement becomes.
  • This game allows you to enjoy a variety of experiences by picking a level that is simple for beginners and demanding for expert players, for example.
  • Make an effort to pay close attention to the place and timing of each tone. Then continue to make the most full leap possible to ensure that no notes are missed.
  • Survive for the longest period of time in this game to get a high score, which you may use to challenge your friends.

How to play

Use the mouse or touch directly on the screen to create melodies.