Piano Kids

Piano Kids

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Piano Kids is a fun-filled tune game. Combined with fast color movements, this game will give players the best entertainment time.
In this race, there are three main colors that you have to choose from: purple, green, and blue. You need to follow the beat and press the buttons in the correct order as the notes fall. How many points can you get?


  • With cheerful colors and fast movements on the vibrant music background, the game promises to bring you the best experience time.
  • The game will move slowly at first and gradually increase later.
  • Focus on sharp observation and quick reflexes to score high in this game!
  • Funny pictures and clear sounds will make you excited about the game.
  • There are six notes corresponding to six tones: DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA, SI, DO.
  • The musical notes will have different colors and symbols.

How to play

Use your computer mouse or tap directly on your phone to create your own stylish tunes.