Lofi Room

Lofi Room

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Lofi Room is a pretty charming game in which you have to discover various objects. You will be tasked with the task of discovering secret instruments, putting them together as a group, and using them to perform a whole piece of music.
Your room is incredibly huge, and there is a great deal of furniture in it. In order to uncover hidden musical instruments, you must flip through all of the locations. Once you've located them, demonstrate your musical abilities by performing them flawlessly.
A pop-up will appear for each instrument that you discover that you can play and hear its distinct sound, and you will need to track and play the notes in order to perform a song properly.

Featured in Lofi Room:

  • The picture of the room has been programmed in 2D and has many distinct big and tiny items to look at. This is a significant hurdle for you.
  • Search for secret addresses by paying great attention to every element of the scene.
  • To achieve the highest possible score, try to accomplish the job in the lowest amount of time.

How to play

QWER to play the instrument.