King Of Strings

King Of Strings

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Overview of the game King Of Strings.


King Of Strings is a great color-matching music game, be the saint of fast-paced funky tunes on this game. Create your own music, and build an unforgettable ensemble of legendary guitarists.

The game with beautiful graphics, sound, and light combine perfectly with the smoothest movements for players.

With Over 12 high octane rock guitar tunes, Don't waste any time relaxing in this fun game.


The content quest to become King Of Strings.


Sit tight so the notes fall and hit the right seconds. Each note will correspond to a different color. the notes will move slowly at first. But it will pick up speed later on making it harder for you to catch the rhythm.

Your task is to press the button of the same color at the same time as the falling music button touches the button. To do this, you must carefully observe and accurately calculate the speed of the fall.

If you miss more than 3 beats, your track will fail and you will have to start over.

How to play

Use the three arrow keys: Left, Bottom, and Right to click in the order: left, center, right.