Hop Ball

Hop Ball

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Hop Ball is a fast-paced, entertaining game that tests your ability to observe and react quickly. You won't be able to miss it for a very long time. In order to move the ball from one tile to another, you must pay attention to the magic beat, follow the rhythm, and utilize your musical reflexes. Make an effort to get as far as you possibly can in this race and utilize it to impress your buddies. Appreciate the excellent music as well as the irresistible challenge that has been assigned to each song.


  • There's something magical about this movement game, which wonderfully mixes light, speed, and upbeat music. Points may be earned via the creative use of talents.
  • Choose music that you like listening to; each song will have a distinct kind of dance to accompany it. With each song, you'll be amused for a while.
  • The pace at which the ball jumps will steadily grow over time, in direct proportion to how challenging your movement becomes. The only way to catch every syllable is via constant practice.
  • Make your leap as complete as possible in order to avoid falling into the air. Otherwise, the game will be over for you.
  • You may use this game to challenge your friends by seeing who can last the longest in this game and obtain the highest score.

How to play

Swipe the screen or move the mouse to jump balls on tile's color, hop ball on them and control carefully! Keep calm and go as far as possible in this ball game!