Helix Piano

Helix Piano

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Helix Piano is a music game with fun moving challenges. For the first time in history, the piano was designed in the form of a spiral. You have to perform nimble reflexes that put the musical notes to the test. Long press on the screen and let the note go down without touching obstacles!
Note: Avoid touching the red keyboard or you will have to start over. Let's see how long you can survive in this game.

Features in the game Helix Piano:

  • Fun music and vibrant colors will give you the best entertainment time.
  • Rotate the piano to create gaps that bring the notes down to the next row.
  • Avoid contact with the red frets, it will ruin your notes and game over.
  • Over time the game will have more and more difficult challenges. Try to survive the longest in this game.
  • Get a high score and use it to brag to your friends.

How to play

Hold down the left mouse button to rotate the screen.