Halloween Magic Tiles

Halloween Magic Tiles

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Halloween Magic Tiles is an extremely fun Halloween themed music game that you can't miss. Let's create the best music according to your feelings!

Your task is to try to hit all the orange tiles. Can you react quickly so you don't miss a beat in this track?


  • This is a fast reflex game that perfectly combines light, speed, and fun music.
  • Choose a song that you love, each song will have a different style of movement.
  • Over time, the ball's jumping speed will gradually increase, corresponding to the more difficult you move.
  • Choosing an easy level for beginners, choosing a difficult level for experienced players is a way for you to have different experiences in this game.
  • Try to carefully observe the position and timing of each tone. then proceed to make the most complete jump so as not to miss any notes.
  • Survive the longest in this game to get a high score, use it to challenge your friends.

How to play

Click or tap on the tiles