Friday Night Funkin’ vs Deep-Sea Date

Friday Night Funkin’ vs Deep-Sea Date

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Friday Night Funkin' vs Deep-Sea Date is the continuation of the present most well-known FMF mod music race. An excursion deep into the pit, visit Atlantis for a fun time frame! The aquarium was excessively well known for a Friday night date, so the beau took his sweetheart for a truly undersea view.


  • Fun gaming music with a variety of tempos ranging from rapid to slow.
  • This game will put your observation skills and fast reactions to the test.
  • Test your ability to appreciate music and combine the most sophisticated sounds.
  • Master the speed of tunes, and you'll be able to entirely overcome the girl's love for her demanding father.

How to play

The arrow keys are used to play notes; these keys must be pressed at the same time as the arrow symbols above BF correspond with one another, with you matching the arrows and the time as well.