Friday Night Funkin with Retaken Sanity

Friday Night Funkin with Retaken Sanity

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Contents Friday Night Funkin with Retaken Sanity.

Friday Night Funkin with Retaken Sanity is a mod version that follows in the Friday night story. Where you battle with tunes to help Retaken Sanity's character escape the darkness and return to herself.

The stresses of life have led the character Retaken Sanity to seek death. Black ink dog - symbolizes depression and the negative thoughts that are invading her. Don't let this happen! Players will play the best rhythm and music games for you to enjoy. It's time to warm up those heels and break out into the dance moves; This party is open to all!


Player Mission:

In this game, you will help the character Retaken find himself. Let's remove the darkness within her by fighting on the tracks. You must be faster and more accurate than the darkness to destroy it. The results of the match will be displayed in the bar at the bottom of the screen.

This game is where we release our stress and anxiety, and live our wildest fantasies. Join us to experience this liberating, transitional state of mind. When you dance or sit back to enjoy the music, you will find yourself "awake"!

How to play

Use the Arrow keys or WASD to make precise tracks!