Friday Night Funkin Vs. Aflac Remastered

Friday Night Funkin Vs. Aflac Remastered

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Friday Night Funkin Vs. Aflac Remastered is a struggle by tunes to a whole new content. In this competition, the strongest opponent you will encounter is Dave - the famous Minecraft player Aflac. You will have to compete for real, catching all the great tunes to take out this fearsome opponent. Conquer the girl's favorite with playful melodies.

This will be a night of games, music and the best times of your life. The sound of drums creates a friendly and warm atmosphere. The song starts out slow but gradually becomes faster. This will make the competition more and more exciting and challenge players. There is a clear beat that can be heard throughout the entire song. Knowing the main tunes is a big advantage for you to win this showdown.

How to play

Music buttons are playing on the screen. Your task is to click the right music button as soon as it reaches the correct position in the location bar on the screen.

The music buttons will show up as arrows. Use the arrow keys or WASD on your keyboard to play in this race!