Friday Night Funkin' Tankman Mashup

Friday Night Funkin' Tankman Mashup

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Friday Night Funkin' Tankman Mashup is where a musical talent showdown takes place. Enjoy the music and use the amazing talent you have to create the most complete music without missing a beat! In this unique mod with many upgrades, new songs and new wallpapers will be implemented during the 7th week. Try to survive the tough battles and become a talented music creator Best.

The game will design you into a melodic race struggling with the character Tankman, a monochrome soldier in a black uniform from a post-apocalyptic desert-like hell. Fight by making great tunes to take him down and protect the girl.

Your task is very simple, the musical notes are falling on the screen and you have to touch them exactly in the right order. Watch closely and react quickly, don't miss a beat.

How to play

WASD/Arrow keys to play.