Friday Night Funkin FULL WEEK!

Friday Night Funkin FULL WEEK!

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Friday Night Funkin FULL WEEK! is a true melodies competition. Fight to eliminate the enemy and win back the beautiful girlfriend. This game is an early version of the FNF mod music racing system. The battle is simply creating catchy music to attract the girlfriend's love. Don't miss any rhythm in this game if you don't want to be a loser yourself.

Player Mission:

  • The musical notes are encoded as arrows. Your task is to carefully observe the order of movement of those arrows. Click exactly one by one that corresponds to the arrow keys on the calculator or the WASD keys on the keyboard.
  • They memorize the melody is a trick to help you perfect the most accurate music without missing any melody.
  • If you exceed the number of missed beats, you will be the loser.

How to play

Use Mouse To Play and Keyboard