Friday Night Funkin Clownin’

Friday Night Funkin Clownin’

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Friday Night Funkin Clownin' is a sequel to the most popular fnf mod music race today. This game is where you can go to the play area and visit the area to dance and sing with the comedians.

Game content: Boyfriend and Girlfriend had a fun day at the carnival. Towards the end, Boyfriend had the sudden urge to rap against someone begin to rise. He quickly drags his girlfriend into the circus tent to find his new opponent, not knowing what kind of character he will meet inside. Boyfriend encounters an itinerant circus band, and the three clowns from there challenge him to rhythmic fights.

Three songs:

  • Bi**ch (Perci)
  • Gentle (Lester)
  • Germ (Maddox)


  • Fun gaming music with various tempos from fast to slow.
  • This game will put your observation and quick reaction skills to the test.
  • Test your ability to appreciate music and mix the most sophisticated sounds. Continuous practice is the way for you to improve your skills.
  • Master the pace of the tunes, and you'll be able to completely overcome the girl's love for her difficult father.

How to play

The arrow keys are used to play notes; these keys must be pressed at the same time as the arrow symbols above BF correspond with one another, with you matching the arrows and the time as well.