Friday Night Fever

Friday Night Fever

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Friday Night Fever, don't miss this fun tunes game. Use your musical talent, create catchy tracks to defeat your opponents and protect your girlfriend. Beautiful and lovely girlfriends are often attracted to guys who play good music. Are you the best at flirting with girls? However, that girl also had a fierce father. You have to participate in a melody contest whose rules are set by the girl's father. To win your lover's heart and get his father's approval, you'll have to beat him in rhythm competitions and prove that you're a better singer than he is.


Fun gaming music with a variety of tempos ranging from rapid to slow.

This game will put your observation skills and fast reactions to the test.

Test your ability to appreciate music and combine the most sophisticated sounds.

Master the speed of tunes, and you'll be able to entirely overcome the girl's love for her demanding father.

How to play

Use mouse and keyboard arrows to play on the computer.

Tap the screen on the mobile device.