FNF Vs. Cassandra

FNF Vs. Cassandra

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FNF Vs. Cassandra is a fun-filled musical battle. Use your talents to create the most amazing tunes. Use it to gain popularity from girls and people around. Here you will engage in a musical war as an excuse to settle an old family feud!

Contents of the story in the game: Cassandra is a young girl with suffering in her heart. She is always angry with everyone around her. You will play the character Boyfriend who uses music to make the girl happier. She is a staunch supporter of goth music, a member of Goth Punks.

How to do the task: The musical notes will be encoded as arrows. Your task is to touch the arrows in the correct order and at the correct time. That's the only way for you to create a complete track and conquer the girl.

Berzerker and Possession will give you the opportunity to better grasp Cassandra's difficulties while keeping pace and avoiding being distracted by countless opponent's taunts. The takeover, the third song, portrays Cassandra in a new, more terrible light than ever before! To save his Girlfriend and find out the end of the story, the Boyfriend will have to sing beautifully and accurately.

How to play

Use mouse and keyboard arrows to play on the computer.

Tap the screen on the mobile device.