FNF : Squid Game DEMO

FNF : Squid Game DEMO

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FNF: Squid Game DEMO with the most popular character content today. Can you resist the challenges to get the highest payouts? Fight and show off your musical sensibility in this game!

Your direct opponent in this match is the pink soldiers. Challenge who is the creator of the most complete music. The syllables are coded as arrows, your task is to click the arrows in the correct time and order. If you fail because you miss too many music buttons, you will die.


  • There are three levels to choose from according to your preferences and training yourself.
  • The game offers many interesting and engaging music tracks.
  • Focusing on memorizing melodies is the trick to getting the best score.

How to play

Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys corresponding to the melody arrow on the screen.

Click the appropriate buttons at the right time.