FNF Music 3D

FNF Music 3D

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FNF Music 3D is a colorful fun music race. Bring your character to victory with these awesome melodies in this video game.

Mission for the player: You will help the boy character conquer the girl's heart and get her father's consent. To do that, you have to play the most complete piece of music. You will have to pass many levels, called "weeks" week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, etc., each level consists of three songs.

In-game action: music buttons are falling on the screen. The location is random that you can't predict. And your task is to touch the bottom music buttons exactly with the required time. The game is easy with the first time, however over time, the game will be more difficult when there are many music buttons falling at the same time. Try not to miss any tunes!

How to play

With a phone or iPad: directly touch the position of the musical notes below the screen.
With computer: use mouse to play.