FNF Entity

FNF Entity

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FNF Entity is a melodious battle in the rap genre that is utterly flawless. Take on four different powerful opponents with the most complete tunes. You have to catch the tunes in this game, don't miss a beat if you don't want to be the loser. Players will be rewarded for playing to the beat with various items such as points, music cards that can be exchanged for multiple points, or in-game currency.

There are three ways to play in FNF Entity game:

  • Solo mode where you play against the computer
  • Free to play mode where you can enjoy your own playlist in an open space with other players.
  • Team mode is where you and your friends join together to try and get the most points.

The opponents you meet this week are:

  • Agoti
  • Aldryx - Agoti's younger brother
  • Solazar- father of Ageti and Aldryx
  • Nikusa Chiragus- Queen of Void because she has no friends.

How to play

Music buttons are playing on the screen. Your task is to click the right music button as soon as it reaches the correct position in the location bar on the screen.

The music buttons will show up as arrows. Use the arrow keys or WASD on your keyboard to play in this race!