Dino Rock

Dino Rock

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An overview of the game Dino Rock.

Have you ever owned a rock band? Do not miss this great opportunity in the game Dino Rock, where you will create creative music, sounds that attract listeners like never before.
It's really a game to train your reflexes and musical abilities based on a variety of instruments from classical to modern to playing great songs and great rhythms!
Playing alone in this game will be difficult and requires you to have great reflexes. Suggest that you can play with your friends, coordinate well to become the winning team with the highest score.

Quest content for the band in Dino Rock.

There will be three lovable characters as your rock band members. Use different instruments such as trumpet, drums, and guitar to create music that attracts the most listeners.
Your task is to choose the right music button that falls in the order of front and back and the right color. With each right touch, you will win a certain score. Earn the most points to win.
Note if you miss too many music buttons, you will fail and become a loser.

How to play

Tap directly on the screen to catch the rhythm.