Color Switch Shooter

Color Switch Shooter

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Color Switch Shooter is a unique blend of color identification and reaction acceleration that is worth checking out. This new version of Shading Switch will offer you far more scaled-down games, music, and dynamic new highlights than you've ever experienced in the past.

Features of Color Switch Shooter game:

  • Colorful balls are enclosed by an outer circle; break through this circle to get access to the inside.
  • Shoot the color indicated by the arrow color to position the circle with the appropriate color it to break in the direction indicated by the arrow.
  • In the least amount of time, totally shatter the circle.
  • The circle will decrease rapidly, and if you are unable to shatter the circle before it touches you, you will be the loser of the game.

How to play

Click or tap the screen at the right time the arrow points to its same color on the circle.