Ball Jump Piano Tile

Ball Jump Piano Tile

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Ball Jump Piano Tile will take you into the most impressive music game space. For the first and only time in this game, the piano is extremely strangely designed in a twisted shape. With the funniest piano sound, the beautiful balls bouncing is so much fun! The main game is a great place for you to enjoy this relaxing time!

Characteristics of the game Ball Jump Piano Tile - How to Play:

  • This is a music game that incorporates color identification as well as fascinating physical distance calculating features.
  • The game has up to 40 separate stages, which correspond to 40 different songs, all of which are waiting for you to discover.
  • Rotate the keyboard so that the music button is at the bottom of the screen. To proceed to the next level, you must reach the finish of the track.
  • The prohibited zone is shown by the red notes. If you let your music button to fall within this region, the game will automatically end.

How to play

Swipe the screen by Mouse or Arrow Buttons to make the bouncing note fall through the piano loops! Move the piano loop tower with one finger and enjoy the music & endless challenges!