Ball Duet-Ball Duet

Ball Duet-Ball Duet

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Ball Duet-Ball Duet is a fun game where you have to combine skills such as ball rotation speed, color discrimination to score points.

Your colorful ball beats like a tank through colorful circles. Your task is to rotate the following ball so that the color below the ball matches the color of the column it will touch. This will help the ball move forward to the next jump. But if you hit a ball of a different color from the column below, it's all over! Your ball breaks to pieces and you have to start your fall again.

Featured in Ball Duet-Ball Duet:

  • Exciting dance and color discrimination games combined with live music will bring great excitement and entertainment to players.
  • Distinguish colors quickly and make precise selections for safe jumps.
  • If there are two wrong color jumps, your ball will burst.

How to play

Use the mouse (with computer) or tap directly on the screen (with phone or iPad) to rotate the ball.