among us piano tiles

among us piano tiles

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among us piano tiles is a fun rhythm game that promises to give you a great experience. Based on cheerful music with smooth movements. This is your chance to develop your talents and become a talented musician. Play this beautiful music in the Piano Puzzle game among us!
With just light and a quick tap on the screen, you can instantly turn into a talented musician with this game that's no less than a genuine pianist.


  • This is a fast reflex game that perfectly combines light, speed, and fun music.
  • Choose a song that you love, each song will have a different style of movement.
  • Over time, the ball's jumping speed will gradually increase, corresponding to the more difficult you move.
  • Choosing an easy level for beginners, choosing a difficult level for experienced players is a way for you to have different experiences in this game.
  • Try to carefully observe the position and timing of each tone. then proceed to make the most complete jump so as not to miss any notes.
  • Survive the longest in this game to get a high score, use it to challenge your friends.

How to play

use left mouse or touch directly on the screen to play.