Friday Night Funkin

Friday Night Funkin

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Game is like 160Mb or so, WILL TAKE A SMIDGE TO LOAD! If it freezes during load, refresh page!


Friday Night Funkin overview:

This is a game developed and programmed by a Canadian programmer named ninjamuffin99. This is a rhythm game for PC, with fast reflex gameplay on a playful musical melody.

In this game, you play as a guy who must defeat his girlfriend's family and acquaintances in a long battle to be with her. Make the girl and her family fall in love with the wonderful rhythms of the song.

Instructions about the game:

You must create awesome Friday evenings by pressing the arrow buttons at the right time. However, the game is not that simple either. The arrows will move more and more quickly and densely. Icons at the bottom will tell you your progress and how you are maneuvering in this paced skirmish. You have to see it quickly and act correctly for your music to be in the right tune and in great rhyme.

Don't miss any rhyme, if it exceeds the maximum number of times. You will be eliminated and the game is over.

In this game, there are four main modes you can choose from Bopeebo, DadBattle, Fresh, and Tutorial. In each mode, there will be three levels for you to choose from easy, medium, and difficult.

Please select a challenge that suits your ability in this rhythm friday night funkin game.

Use all the skills you have in musical rhythms to capturing the girl's love. And get consent from her family in this delightful online Funkin game on Friday night. Good luck!

How to play


WASD/Arrow keys

- and + to change the volume

0 to mute



PhantomArcade and EvilSk8er - ART

ninjamuffin99 - PROGRAMMING


Kawaisprite - MUSIC/SOUNDS



Bassetfilms, the composer for Lemon Monster

SrPelo, for use of Spooky boys

JohnnyUtah, for the new logo design

MOAWLING for pixel art on Week 6! (additional pixel art help by jeff hehe)


Bit boy, Mike Welsh

"Certified swag" -wandas mom


"wait how come I'm not in the credits" - milkyace

Life coach - Billpremo


In-game credits coming soon